I admit, I am not usually a huge Christmas music person. I love listening to it the week or two leading up to the big day, but otherwise I like to stick to what I usually listen to - country music, of course! My opinion is changing a bit though as country artists have been killing it lately in the genre and it has given me a new appreciation for it.

Last year, Brett Eldredge released a whole album full of Christmas music and because i'm a big fan, I bought it. I must say, it truly is heaven. The project is called "Glow" and it is packed with festive tracks - 11 to be exact. It even includes an original Christmas song which the album is named after.

In honor of his album release last year, he hit the press circuit performing a bunch of the songs. He is planning on doing the same thing this year, too. What more could we ask for for Christmas?!

Although it doesn't feel much like Winter outside right now, this song sure gets me in the Christmas spirit. Here's Brett singing a classic to get you into the spirit, too!

P.S. We will be playing some country Christmas music over the next month or so on B105. Yay!

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