I've been saying for the last couple of years that Brett Eldredge is a country music super star in the making.  He's fresh off his smash hit "Mean To Me" that made ladies hearts melt across the country.  He made quite a few new fans when he was performing here in Duluth for Maurice's 'Best Day Ever' too.  Now he's got a new song, with a fresh new sound that will get you moving this spring with "Lose My Mind."

Musically, "Lose My Mind" is a quick, fast, bluesy song.  It starts with a hard driving beat, with a bit of syncopation thrown in to keep you guessing where the song is going.  It's fresh and it's nice to hear a song in mainstream country that has a bit of a blues/ rock side.

Lyrically, its nothing surprisingly new.  It's a "girl drives a guy crazy," type of tune.  Straightforward, simple, and designed to get you dancing along.  Check it out!



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