It looks like someone - or a group of people - vandalized Nopeming Sanatorium.

Nopeming employees shared the news on their Facebook page Thursday night. They said someone broke into the spot, ruined items inside and stole objects belonging to a ghost hunting group in the area.

See their full post below:

To make matters worse, Ghost Hunts USA had an event planned there for the weekend. One fan of the Nopeming asked if the hunt was still on in the comment section. The page responded and said it was, writing "Yes! Ghost Hunts is still on for the weekend! They bought another generator and are just as upset as we are about the breaking an entering and theft."

If you aren't familiar, the Nopeming Sanatorium first opened in 1912. It was the first in Minnesota and opened to treat a tuberculosis patient. In its first few years, it treated over 200 tuberculosis patients.

Since, it has been home to a nursing home and is now a tourist destination.

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