This well-traveled road connects Duluth to Two Harbors, carries tourists and locals to Glensheen, includes some staple businesses, and used to have a lot of choices for food.

Growing up in Duluth, I spent a lot of time on London Road eating at different establishments and doing business with some of the different owners. There is the biggest variety of offerings, I think, for any road in Duluth in such a short area.

When you first get on London Road you can walk the Lakewalk, you can visit the Rose Garden, or take in a show, attend a play, listen to music, or just sit in the field at Leif Erickson Park. The Viking ship used to be there, Valentini's was on the road. Godfathers had a store there that became a Chinese food restaurant. Many other things have changed.

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Here are pictures of the changes over the years. If you have a memory or something to add, please leave a comment.

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