Believe it or not, setup has officially begun for Bentleyville! Organizers have already started getting ready for the massive event, even putting out a call for volunteers for every weekend through the end of October.

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The annual event kicks off in November, just in time for the holidays. While there are some pretty fun and quirky things you can see and do at Bentleyville, something that really draws a crowd year after year is the chance at getting a free hat for your little one.

In case you didn't know, kids ten and younger that visit Bentleyville have a chance at walking out of there with a warm knit hat. Santa and Mrs. Claus take a break from their busy holiday season to visit Bentleyville every night and in turn, kids can take photo with them, grab a bag of cookies and get their free hat.

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It's just one of many fun parts of Bentleyville. Considering how many people come from all over Minnesota and beyond to see the lights, I can only imagine how many hats are given out each year.

I got a little bit of a taste thanks to a picture event organizers shared just the other day. They shared their excitement over the fact that the hats for the year were in. I was shocked when I saw the photo and the boxes upon boxes of hats. I echo what they said: that is A LOT of hats.

You will have to wait to get your little one a hat for when the event kicks off in November. However, I would warn against being a Grinch. Apparently, 1,842 children and their parents have lied about their age in order to get a free hat in the Santa line. Come on now, people!

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If you want a hat of your own, don't fret! There are always hats and merchandise available onsite so your ears can be warm too. By the way, the event kicks off on November 18th and runs through December 26th.

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