Well, that's one thing we didn't see coming.

Airports are usually great for people watching but bear watching?! Not so much until now.

A bear was spotted hanging out at Duluth International Airport Wednesday. He was caught red-handed near the public entrance of the building.

A picture of the bear was posted to the airport's Facebook page midweek, saying simply "caption this."

Excited followers quickly made light of the situation, with bear puns and jokes aplenty.

By the looks of it, the bear was alone.

According to KBJR News, the bear "didn't cause any problems or concerns for passengers or airport workers" and kept to himself before heading into the woods.

This news comes at the same time that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources launched a new tool to help keep track of bear sightings in the state.

If I had seen the bear, I would have been excited - as long as I was sitting comfortably in the seat of my airplane. Ha!

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