If you are someone you know is an artist looking for exposure, then you'll want to jump at an opportunity recently announced by the City of Duluth.

The Duluth Public Arts Commission (DPAC) is seeking artwork to exhibit at the Duluth International Airport and for the Utility Box Wrap Art Program.

They note that the Utility Box Wrap Art program’s mission is to beautify the City throughout neighborhoods with a focus on geographic equity. This program allows artists the opportunity to display artwork on utility boxes in various locations throughout the city.

The program has established the following criteria to be eligible:

  • Artwork that is memorable, positive, thought-provoking, enduring, and communicates a unique vision or perspective.
  • Artwork that recognizes and fosters diverse social, cultural, and historical values
    must not be appropriated.
  • Artists should reside within 25 miles of Duluth.
  • Artists must submit renderings based on the enclosed template and should include all sides. Note: actual boxes may be a different size or shape so your design may require adjustment after approval.
  • Artwork in the draft must closely resemble the art that will be installed on the box.
  • Applicants must measure their assigned box to prepare final designs.
  • The artist's signature must not exceed 3"x5" in actual size.
  • All final wraps will become City property. There is no guarantee of how long the artwork may remain on the box due to maintenance or replacement
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The Duluth International Airport exhibition also shares Duluth’s wealth of public art and artists with visitors and locals alike, as well as adding a significant cultural layer to the airport’s architecture. Exhibitions on display may be a solo artist’s work or a group of artists’ works.

You can click the button above to get more information on these programs and to apply. Applications for each of these programs will be open until Friday, July 7. All submissions will be reviewed by DPAC, who will make the final selections.

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