Barker's Island Inn in Superior was recently recognized by the American Cancer Society.  That award doesn't include ALL that Barker's Island Inn, their General Manager, Charlie Johnson and his staff has done to help in raising thousands of dollars for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Barker's Island Inn is part of the ACS's Patient Lodging Program.  They donate rooms to patients and their families when getting treatment in the Northland.  Congratulations on your award!


For the last 11 years, Barker's has unselfishly and silently donated rooms to Susan Anderson, our psychic.  They also have allowed us to hold the event, Bridging Two Worlds in the Barker's Island Inn Great Room.  Thousands of dollars have been donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital because of their generosity.

Every time we've held a Bridging Two Worlds Seminar we have had over 100 people attend.  Susan Anderson, our psychic is phenomenal and has answered questions of our guests, whether it be personal, business or shared messages of friends and family on the other side.  At the seminar guests learn how to connect with their own inner psychic too.  There are always emotion, some tears, some disbelief and lots of laughter.

Tickets for the event is $25 and is a donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Our next event is coming up this September, I'll be sure to let you know by blog and on B105.  Consider attending, you'll be amazed!