There are some gluten free noodles that are good, and some are just downright awful. I was told about these from my cousin who said they are the best. He bought me a box to try, so here we were as a family boiling up some banza noodles and pesto.

So far my go to for gluten free noodles have been the Barilla Gluten Free. Some of the other noodles I've tried that are made from brown rice and quinoa have been like paste and mushy. Barilla noodles are made with corn and actually hold up pretty good. But what about Chickpea noodles? I was a bit hesitant when the directions said to expect some foam while cooking. It did get pretty foamy pretty quick.

And speaking of quick, these noodles only took 8 minutes for al dente. I rinsed them in cold water immediately after cooking to stop them from cooking anymore. I was getting worried they would get mushier if they sat hot.

The kids still won't eat pesto. I get it, and it's not worth the fight. So they had their Banza Penne noodles with just a little bit of butter and Parmesan and they couldn't tell the difference. They were initially frightened when they heard it was going to be a new type of noodle (scarred from past attempts).

My wife and I both did enjoy it, and it will definitely be something we buy again. I appreciate also that the large box of Banza comes in smaller individual bags. It's nice to keep what you are not using as fresh and be able to portion it out.  Nice job, Banza!

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