If you or someone you know are looking for a new career path, the United States Army has announced the need for 6,000 additional active duty recruits and 1,500 additional Army Reserve recruits by the end of September as a result of the National Defense Authorization Act’s increase in the Army’s size.

According to their press release, U.S. Army Recruiting Command will see the largest in-year mission increase in the command’s history, bringing the original mission of 62,500 to 68,500.

This will impact Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin as the Minneapolis Army Recruiting Battalion, based on Ft. Snelling, will grow from 885 combined active duty Army and Army reserve contracts to 1,013 combined active duty Army and Army Reservists.

To aid in recruitment, the Army has added $200 million in incentive bonuses, fully opened enlistment to those who have served previously to assist with the increase, and increased the number of two-year enlistment opportunities.

The current physical and mental qualifications required for military service will not change.

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