I'm not totally frugal about everything, but for some reason I felt the need to start saving the dog toy monkeys that Bauer the Schnauzer has chewed holes in.  After 8 monkeys, a hedge hog and the worm started taking up too much space in the craft room, I decided it was time to open the sewing kit and repair.  Oh, one thing, I can't sew.

My high school home ec teacher, Mrs. Urbanski would be somewhat proud of me and my quest to mend the monkeys.  I pretty much left her shaking her head when it came to me and a sewing machine.  While my classmates took "sewing class", I called it "ripping class".   I would sew something on the machine and spend the next two classes ripping it apart to start over. (insert sad face emoji here).

My dog, Bauer the Schnauzer, loves the dog toy monkeys we get at a local department store for about $2.98.  So, when he chews through an ear, snout or tail I just throw it in the craft room with intentions of mending it someday and until then would buy him a new one.  Then our friends Dave and Kathy found out he loved monkeys and every time they would visit they would bring him one.  Needless to say he had an abundance of monkeys.

Over the Labor Day holiday weekend I thought about what craft project I would bring camping and the monkeys came to mind.  When I started to gather them I was shocked to count 8 monkeys, 1 hedge hog and the worm (the latter is a piece of material that resembles a sock of many colors minus ANY of the stuffing it once had, however he can not let it go).  As I was sewing monkey number 5 I began to be teased that the monkeys are cheap, why the heck wouldn't I just throw them away and buy a new one?  My thought was why waste them?  A couple of stitches here and there and the monkey was good to go for another round.  Plus, I'm getting good practice at mending, Mrs. Urbanski would be impressed!

What do you do to save money that friends or family tease you about?

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