I've only been on the Lakewalk a couple of times lately because of surgery, but I'm going to be ramping my running up in hopes to run the Grandma's Half Marathon.  If you're a frequent user of the Lakewalk or are floatin' in my boat with just starting training, you need to know that they will be closing a portion for about two weeks.

It's a pretty popular area that will be affected but there is an available detour thanks to the upper walk way and they'll only have it closed during the day.  If you're like me and don't get out until later in the evening, you should be fine.    My husband and I don't use the upper walk as often because I don't like to run in wind and it's usually windier there. Yes, I am a running whiner!

So, here's where they'll be digging.  There's a bathroom for Lakewalk users near the Lakewalk parking lot in Canal Park.  Between that point and the Fitger's Complex they'll be doing work that requires them to dig underground, you know, by the mural wall in the picture above.

If you look in the picture you'll see the brown rail above the mural, that's where the detour will be until you're past the construction, then you'll be able to get back on the Lakewalk and continue on your way.  Of course, as always in the Northland, anything taking place outside is dependent on the weather.

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