Do you like beer? If the answer is yes, you're in luck next month.

Applebee's has been blessing us all with special drink promotions since last October, when they offered $1 margaritas. They've consistently chosen one popular drink each month, lowered the price and came up with a crazy, fun name.

This month the drink in question is simple: beer. The chain will offer up $2 Dos Equis beers all throughout the month of May. The promotion is called the "2 Dollar Dos" and we have a feeling it will be one of their most popular yet.

That's not the only big news. It seems the chain has Cinco de Mayo in mind! On top of their new discounted drink deal, they will also be extending April's drink deal of the month - the $1 margarita.

According to the chain, they thought the "Dollarita" would pair well with a Dos Equis come the fifth of May when everyone is celebrating. Therefore, if you haven't tried one out just yet, you have until Saturday, May 5th.

The new beer promotion begins on Tuesday, May 1st. To find a Northland location near you, click here.

Since late last year, Applebee's has offered cheap long island iced teas, bahama mamas and vodka lemonade, just to name a few.

If you want to see Ken & I try the cheap margs, watch the video above.

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