Margarita fans, rejoice!

Applebee's announced their special drink deal of the month Monday morning and this time around, it is a familiar one. The 'Dollarita' - or one dollar margarita - is back!

According to the restaurant chain, the drink was brought back by popular demand. They previously offered the specialty treat back in October of 2017. (Ken and I decided to try them out and I was a big fan!)

Reports say the drink was so popular the first time around, visits to the chain spiked by nearly ten percent.

Applebee's has continued to test the waters with a trendy drink each month since. In December, fans could sip on a $1 long island iced tea. The chain's take on the 'Bahama Mama' was the drink of choice in February and last month, restaurant goers could enjoy a vodka lemonade for just two bucks.

The one dollar margarita is available from open to close at all participating locations.

There are three Applebee's in the Northland.
-3605 Tower Avenue in Superior.
-1600 Miller Trunk Highway in Duluth.

If you can't be at a beach, you might as well sip a margarita and feel like you are!

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