Wisconsin is known for its love of beer, taverns, and brandy old fashions. Maybe after reading this, you'll think of Margaritas too in the Dairyland state. A recent survey was put together and they listed the states with the cheapest average price of margaritas. It turns out that Wisconsin is a bargain at the bar.

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The list was put together by Finance Buzz, and they collected the price for a "house" lime margarita from online menus from 10 different restaurants or bars in each state. They then averaged them out to find what a typical small, house margarita would cost. The data is very recent, it was collected in April of this year.

It's no surprise that heavily populated areas and tourist states didn't make it on the cheap list. But, I was still very surprised to see who came in at number one. Here we go, read on for the results.

Ten States With The Cheapest Margaritas

Margaritas are one of America's favorite cocktails. They can be spendy though. Wisconsin made the list of the ten least-expensive states for margaritas. Let's see the top ten and break down the numbers.


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