Applebee's is switching it up this month and it's all in honor of the holiday season! The chain always offers a special discounted drink deal and now they've announced what we can sip on all month long.

For the entire month of December, you can sip on what they call the Merry Dollarita. The festive drink is a blend of tequila, triple sec, pomegranate and margarita mix.

The drink is served in a 10 ounce mug and is available all day, every day throughout the month of December.

The best part? The drink is only one buck! That's right - you can sip on the tasty treat for just one dollar.

This isn't the only time Applebee's has offered up the one dollar margarita. They've done it many times before, with the last time being in May. This promotion was what kicked off their monthly drink deal in the first place.

You know where to find us this month! Find a location near you here.

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