The DOLLARMAMA has arrived! It's cold outside but this news should warm you right up.

Applebee's is continuing their cheap drink deal this month and this time around it's a take on the Bahama Mama! The drink is available the entire month of February. It features white rum, pineapple, orange and lime juices along with coconut and cherry flavor. Yum!

Applebee's has been killing it lately, offering one dollar drinks for the past few months. The $1 margaritas were a hit in October with cheap Long Island Iced Teas on tap for December. (Ken and I went to try out the "dollarita" a few months ago for research, of course. You can watch that video above.)

There are three Applebee's locations in the Northland.
-3605 Tower Avenue in Superior.
-1600 Miller Trunk Highway in Duluth.
-1405 Highway 33 South in Cloquet.

This should help make it feel a little bit more like summer for now!

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