The best way to get revenge on a country singer may be to go after his truck. That's what 'The Voice' coach Adam Levine did on Monday night, dumping two loads of manure on Blake Shelton's shiny red pickup.

Shelton didn't have much to say after he watched the loaders dump the load of several dozen horses on his ride. Of course this is revenge for Shelton tweeting Levine's phone number earlier, and the hazing that ensued after Levine went platinum blond.

"That's manure, that's cow dung, that's feces of animals," Levine said.

Is the end of the feud? Not likely according to Usher.

"He was mad," the coach said of Shelton afterward. "So of course we've got to stay tuned to see how he retaliates. I just don't want to be in that (expletive). Leave me out of it. Because if he puts cow dung on my Benz, we're having problems backstage."

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