This is a little silly, but I have an attachment issue with my headphones.  They' Sony MDR-7506 professional grade headphones I've had from the first day I started college.  (They were included in my tuition.)  Basically, these headphones are falling apart.  I've had to repair the wires in them, they've lost their spring and tend to fall off my head, and I can't imagine the amount of bacteria living inside them.  Yet, I can't throw them out and get a new pair.  Just look at what we've been through together:

(I did the math.)

  • 10 years on air
  • that's roughly 8,400 hours on air use
  • 504,000 minutes
  • 2,400 shows that' I've used these headphones
  • 139,000 songs coming through the speakers (I did figure in commercial breaks too)
  • I moved 12 times with these headphones ( Yes, I moved a lot )

So as you can see, they've been with me for a long time.  However, I've just ordered a new pair online, and God willing, here's to another 10 years with my next pair.


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