Carrie Underwood fans - rejoice! The country star just released a brand new single after a pretty quiet 2017. The tune is called 'Cry Pretty' and it's a monster of a song.

There is no word on an album or tour just yet but she did say both were in the works. This beautiful new tune should hold us over until she gives us a little bit more to work with.

The song will likely join her long list of hits but what about all the great tunes that never made it onto the airwaves over the years?

Here are 5 songs by the country queen that should have been singles. Sigh.

  • 1

    Choctaw County Affair

    This song is a standout on her last album - the strong 'Storyteller.' It's an amazing story song, the kind that blasted her to fame in the first place. The tune follows a couple accused of murder. The lyrics are some of her best ever and it's different than anything else on the radio right now. It's a fan favorite and it would have been a monster hit on the radio, too.

  • 2

    Wine After Whiskey

    An older Carrie tune, this sweet song is everything the star is famous for. It has the sweet lyrics, the powerful vocals and the slow ballad feeling. It's not that this type of song hasn't been done before. It's just that she does it better than anyone else.

  • 3

    The More Boys I Meet

    This song shows Carrie's funny side, which we don't get too see too often. Off her popular second album, the tune pokes fun at men trying to win her over. She proclaims that the more she gets to know her possible suitors, the more she loves her dogs. Every other country artist was probably mad they didn't think of that concept first.

  • 4

    Flat On The Floor

    This song is intense but that's what makes it so good. The tune comes out swinging from the very first line. You'd be hard pressed to find another artist who could sing this one, while bringing the sass and character Carrie does. Think 'Blown Away' but even bigger. It's a shame we never got to belt this one out in our car.

  • 5


    She has songs about love and being a mom and keying someone's car but we can't say she's ever sang about running from the cops before. This fun tune has the lead dying her hair and evading the police, hiding out in Mexico. Carrie often tells a story with her music but none are ever this fun.

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