Last week, I was shocked when Ken told me he'd only heard a few Jon Pardi songs. I gasped in horror. This wasn't okay and I am shaken to my core. I'm not mad at Ken. I am just disappointed.

Jon isn't a new artist but his popularity has started to rise over the past year or so. There isn't a dud on his latest album. In fact, every song on California Sunrise is amazing. If you don't have time to listen to the whole album in its entirety, I have you covered. Here are my five favorite cuts:

  • 1


    Jon usually opens his set with this jam. It's an ode to your paycheck and all the dumb things you do with it, like spending it all the day it hits your bank account.(We've all been there.) The song shows off his fun side and is as original as it gets.

  • 2

    Out Of Style

    It's only fitting that Jon has a song about writing songs. That is kind of his thing. The song follows a new singer and songwriter's journey in Nashville. He is given advice on which phrases to use to appeal to the masses but once he starts writing, he realizes he doesn't need to sell out and follow the trends because real country never goes out of style. As the song says, his music may never "see a bullet in a Billboard magazine" but he's never been the kind to sell out. This song is proof his way of thinking is paying off.

  • 3

    She Ain't In It

    Rumors have been floating around for awhile that this would be his next radio single. After three uptempo numbers, I am excited for the world to see his softer side. This is one of the only slow songs on his album and sets a different tone for him. It's even better stripped down.

  • 4

    Cowboy Hat

    This has "hit" all over it. It's a song about a girlfriend wearing his cowboy hat. If you hear it once, it will be stuck in your head forever. You're welcome.

  • 5

    California Sunrise

    Jon's love for his home state is deep. It is so deep, in fact, that he wrote a song comparing a girl's beauty to a California sunrise and named his album after it. It also mentions all the places he travels for work and I love that personal touch.

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