You likely remember Netflix's huge series 'Making A Murderer.' The documentary was following the case of Steven Avery who was convicted of murdering Teresa Halbach. The series argues that Steven Avery and Brenden Dassey were framed for the murder of Halbach, and provides their evidence in support of their theory.

This all lead to an attempt at a retrial, which was rejected. That hasn't stopped filmmakers from continuing with a follow up where they have brought forth new evidence. The latest is a different convicted murderer who has now confessed to killing Teresa Halbach.  According to Newsweek, Shawn Rech director of 'Convicting A Murderer a man convicted of murdering another person revealed the confession. Is it legitimate? That remains to be seen and his name will not be released until there is an investigation into the claim.

If this turns out to be a reliable confession, that could mean potential freedom for Avery and his nephew Dassey.

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