Last night was the Christmas City of the North Parade, and as usual it was a pretty cold night.   Temperatures steady dropped from about 20 degrees at the start to about 15 degrees at the end.   Add on top of that the windchill, and it made it a pretty bone chilling night, especially when you're driving a vintage hot rod with no windows and no heat.

Thanks to Cathy Kates and her husband who let us use their sweet ride to show off in the parade.  Our sister station Kool 101.7 was in the parade, and I joined Rayman in this ride for the fun.    Like I said we didn't have any heat, and we spent a good 3 hours in the hot rod outdoors.   I told Rayman to take a video on the way back as we cruised back through West End, Duluth in heavy snow.  Despite the cold, we had a great time.