Have you gotten your Christmas tree yet? Some people like to wait until right after Thanksgiving. Others just play it by ear.

The month is still young and if you haven't gotten a tree yet or are still thinking about it, I've got you covered! Here are five places you can get a tree in the Duluth area.

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    Farmer Doug

    Farmer Doug is known around the area for his local produce AND his fresh cut Christmas trees. He cites it as his biggest passion! You can pick up one of his trees at two locations: the Duluth Farmer's Market or Dan's Feed Bin. They are open weekdays but the hours vary depending on location. You can visit him at 14th Ave. E. & 3rd St. or give him a call for details at 218-591-0632.

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    Abrahamson's Tree Farm

    Are you dreaming of a fresh-cut Christmas tree? Here's another option! The farm is located at 5933 Howard Gnesen Road in Duluth. Their hours aren't listed on their website so if you have questions, you can call and ask at 218-721-3361. Many customers have left a glowing review.

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    Chub Lake Tree Farm

    Chub Lake Tree Farm is another awesome place to get a Christmas tree this year. They are located at 1867 E. Chub Lake Road in Carlton. They have convenient hours - open every day of the week from 10 to dark. They also team up with "Trees For Troops" which provides trees for military families. If you have questions, you can contact them at 218-384-4549 or 660-635-1460.

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    Saginaw Trees & Wreaths

    This is the place to be if you REALLY want to get into the Christmas spirit. You can cut your own Christmas tree with several different kinds available. They are open daily from 9 in the morning through dark, including weekends. Their location is 4712 Aune Road in Saginaw. Give them a call at 729-8390.

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    Hilltop Tree Farm

    Come for a tree but stay for the fun! According to the farm's Facebook page, hot chocolate and coffee are available while browsing for the perfect tree. There is also a hay ride and coloring books for kids AND dogs are allowed. They are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 4. The farm is located at 9358 US-2 in Brookston. You can give them a call at 218-591-5679 for directions.

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