My daughter who is now 22 was into Pokemon years ago.  I'm still holding on to the Pokemon coin that she had hoped would be a collectors item someday.  Who knew that Pokemon would resurface and take the world by storm?  While I encourage you to enjoy the frenzy while it lasts, there are a few things you need to think about where safety is concerned.

How does it work?  You use your smartphone's GPS to hunt virtual Pokemon in the real world at Poke stops, similar to a scavenger hunt.  Locally we are lucky to have a Poke stop at the Lake Superior Zoo!

There are some things to think about when playing the game that will help you stay safe and possibly out of jail.


  • 1

    Watch Where You're Walking

    There have been several reports of people looking at their phones and not paying attention to where they are walking.  Some admit to walking into poles, parking meters and even into traffic, yikes!  People have posted pictures of stubbed or broken toes, scratches, bruises and bumps.

  • 2

    Don't Tresspass While Playing Pokemon Go

    Living in the Northland we are surrounded by woods so we see a lot of "No Trespassing " signs, especially during deer hunting season.  Playing Pokemon Go, no matter how wildly popular it is world wide is not an "ok" to go where ever you please.  Law enforcement will not accept the game as a valid excuse for being where you shouldn't, especially if you're on government property or a business.

  • 3

    Pokemon Go Leaves Children Vulnerable

    The game uses location technology, so while parents have spent countless hours worrying about how to keep their child safe and shielded from on-line predators, this game could scrub all their efforts. I'm not saying don't let your kids play the game, just be aware.  Aware that players can send a signal or beacon to other players letting them know that a Pokemon could be nearby.  Experts are saying that criminals could use that signal to locate your child very easily.

  • 4

    Pokemon Go Could Gain Complete Access To Your Google Account

    If you are using an Apple device to play and signed up under your Google Account, your emails, search histories and Google Drive data could be hacked.  If you like to keep your information and pictures private you may not want to indulge in this latest sensation.

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