This might just be the cutest thing ever! The Lake Superior Zoo has a brand new addition and it is a long time coming. This exciting news comes after a rough week for zoo staff, who sadly lost twin baby pygmy slow lorises a few days ago.

This will surely brighten spirits at the Lake Superior Zoo! The new addition is a red panda named Zhuzi. Zhuzi means "bamboo" in Mandarin. Last August, zoo staff announced they were planning to open a red panda exhibit in 2023 and now it has come to fruition.

Soon, the public will be able to see Zhuzi in person. For now, she is being held at the Animal Care Center at the zoo, awaiting her new habitat while staff make sure she has no harmful parasites and is in good enough shape to be out for public viewing. She is so incredibly cute and I hope we get to see her soon!

Zoo staff say she is getting accustomed to her new surroundings and enjoying all the treats that she can. She should be in her new habitat by early May so plan your next visit to the Lake Superior Zoo accordingly.

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In the meantime, you can see some sweet snaps of Zhuzi below, courtesy of Lake Superior Zoo:

If these photos aren't enough to tide you over until May, you can watch the big reveal of the new red panda earlier in the week. The Lake Superior Zoo did a big unveiling on social media, which gives a little behind-the-scenes sneak peak at Zhuzi hanging out in action. Adorable!

If you love Zhuzi as much as I do, you can make a donation to help with the costs of housing the red panda. There are different increments you can choose from which go towards things like bamboo for the cutie and material for a shed for the habitat.

Those who donate will get special treats depending on how much they spend, like a plaque and commemorative photo. Red pandas are an endangered species so I am happy the Lake Superior Zoo is providing a safe place for them. I am obsessed with Zhuzi.

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