Cautionary Tips on Pokemon Go
My daughter who is now 22 was into Pokemon years ago.  I'm still holding on to the Pokemon coin that she had hoped would be a collectors item someday.  Who knew that Pokemon would resurface and take the world by storm?  While I encourage you to enjoy the frenzy while it lasts, th…
Why Can’t I Let Go Of My Wii And Guitar Hero?
With the cold, windy weather we had on Saturday I decided it was a good day to clean.  As I was dusting in the living room I started to tackle the intricate chore of dusting the Wii tower.  It houses not only our Wii games and controllers but our Guitar Hero guitars and Dance Dance Revolution too. I…
Ness: One Option Is To Halt Gaming At Fond-du-Luth
It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, hopefully a deal can be reached.
Duluth Mayor Don Ness said the city of Duluth is considering the possibility of halting all gaming at Fond-du-Luth Casino among other options as it seeks to resolve