When it comes to gaming, in 2023 most people would tend to think of video games on consoles, computers, and online.  While a lot of gaming is done that way, and it's how many think of it, there are still plenty of non-electronic gaming options.

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In the Duluth and Superior area there are a few locations to get in on board or card type games.  One upcoming event is trying to bring it a lot of them together for one afternoon of fun for all ages and skill levels.

On Friday, February 24th from 3:00PM-11:00PM game enthusiasts are invited to a free event at The Depot in Duluth, Minnesota.  Attendees will have a chance to play in puzzle, tabletop, and card gaming.

Think games like Pokémon, and Magic the Gathering, just as a couple of examples.  There will be plenty of variety for sure as involved in the Games at The Depot event are local to the Twin Ports, Collector's Connection.  Also, on the team for making it happen is the Minnesota Jigsaw Puzzle Association.

In addition to having plenty to participate in, Games at The Depot is completely free to attend.  It's a nice inexpensive way to spend an afternoon trying out some maybe new to you games, and maybe you'll just find a new hobby.  Again, all are invited to join in or just observe and it's a great event for kids to get them off of their electronics for a few hours.

Games at The Depot in Duluth will be held in their Great Hall, and it's located at 506 West Michigan Street.

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