5 Brain Games To Keep Kids Entertained On Road Trips
I love road trips, but my daughter is almost 23 and that makes for a much more relaxed drive.  For those of you with young children it can be stressful, but there are ways to keep them engaged that doesn't involve a movie, computer or electronic game.  In fact, some of these games can…
Our Family Survived The First Week of 'Pokemon Go!'
A week ago today, I woke up and immediately was launched into blind confusion about what this new Pokemon Go thing was all about.  A game where it gets kids out into the real world? What?  Gotta catch them all?  What?  So to better understand what our 8 year old was so obsessed a…
Retro And Trendy Bridal Shower Games, One Shocked Me
I recently attended a bridal shower for a family friend and of course, there were games.  I hadn't been to a bridal shower in awhile so I didn't know what to expect.  One game was retro with a twist and one was new to me (and I wasn't that great at it).
Play The Classic Oregon Trail & Other Games Online for Free!
Nothing was better than computer lab and Oregon Trail growing up.  I remember typing in my friends' names in my group and then slowly watch them all get sick and suffer across the trip to the west.  It was a game that taught us how difficult it was in the old frontier, and now you can…

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