With COVID-19 cases continuing to rise we have all had to find ways to adjust in uncertain times. Masks, social distancing, kids going to school from home, and missing out on seeing friends and family. The Duluth Public Library has been very proactive since the beginning of the pandemic free and safe entertainment for all members of the community and continues to do so.

According to a Press Release from the Duluth Public Library, they have some new virtual programs to offer they are  “GooseChases” — or scavenger hunts. The "GooseChases" can be played from toddlers to adults. The scavenger hunts are FREE. and open to anyone in Duluth or the surrounding area. But, you must be a Duluth resident to win prizes.

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To participate in these GooseChases, you must download the GooseChase app on your smartphone or tablet, search for a game, and enter the password to start playing. You can play by yourself or with friends or family from anywhere in Duluth. The Duluth History GooseChase runs through January 12th! For this game participants will explore Duluth, snap photos of historical landmarks, and answer local history trivia questions for the chance to win prizes.

Here are the website links to the games:

  • Duluth History GooseChase — https://fb.me/e/1AHYxqGVS
  • Anime GooseChase — https://fb.me/e/11ykLLfIl
  • Winter Wonders GooseChase — https://fb.me/e/2mcF7bRs9

Here are the following dates for the games:

Duluth History GooseChase // Adults // January 7th-12th

Explore Duluth and learn local history by participating in our DULUTH HISTORY GOOSECHASE!

Game: “Duluth History DPL”

Password: “History!"

Anime GooseChase // Teens // January 10th-17th

Challenge yourself to anime trivia, show off your cosplay and solve a digital anime escape room when you participate in our ANIME GOOSECHASE

Game: “Duluth Anime”

Password: “Otaku”

Winter Wonders GooseChase // Kids // January 10th-17th

Complete winter-themed missions inside and outside when you participate in our WINTER WONDERS GOOSECHASE!

Game: “Winter Wonders”

Password: “Duluth”

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