I've spent thousands of hours (I'm not exaggerating) flying planes on Microsoft Flight Simulators. Most of them on their famous Microsoft Flight Simulator X. For years, that's all we've gotten from Microsoft, so imagine my surprise when I saw them release preview footage for Microsoft 2020. I am beyond excited, but also worried about what kind of machine I'm going to need to buy to run this.

Watch this preview below from YouTube channel frooglesim. The visuals are stunning! It actually interfaces with Bing maps for scenery in over 400 cities across the world. You can actually see the texture of the ground. What impresses also about this preview video is the ever so slight shimmy and shake of the aircraft. It just adds such a realistic feel. I can't wait to try this out. Like I said, we'll have to see what the system requirements are to run it, and then what you actually should get to enjoy the full experience.  Look for it from Microsoft next year.

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