It may only be November but the Minnesota State Fair will be here before you know it! It may seem early to be talking about it but we need all that we can to get us through yet another cold Minnesota winter, right?

The Minnesota State Fair was a massive success this year, with attendance at nearly two-million people. Not only was it a huge success but attendance was up nearly half a million people from 2021.

It was record-breaking for many reasons, including the fact that one of the most famous music duos of all time performed their (supposedly) very last show there at the Grandstand. Florida Georgia Line's last show made headlines, with Minnesota getting some love.

It also made headlines for some scary weather, in true Minnesota fashion, as flash floods ripped through the fairgrounds on one Saturday of the event. There was also the disturbance that took place in the midway, where gunshots were heard and people went scrambling.

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It was nice to have the Minnesota State Fair back on normal terms this year, especially considering 2021 was impacted greatly by the pandemic and the whole event was cancelled in 2020.

Things will be even bigger and better in 2023 and you have a chance at discounted tickets very soon. The Minnesota State Fair held a one-day-only flash sale on Tuesday (November 22nd) and if you didn't cash in, you have another chance to get tickets at a discount.

Tickets for the 2023 Minnesota State Fair will go on sale on Monday (November 28th). These pre-fair admission tickets will be fourteen bucks. You can print them at home or have them delivered digitally to your phone. You can also have them mailed to you. You can purchase them on the Minnesota State Fair's website.

This is a great deal if you know you are for sure attending the Minnesota State Fair in 2023! It may even incentivize you to go, as tickets are much cheaper if you buy them at pre-fair prices. Prices went up to seventeen bucks for those ages thirteen through sixty-four attending using a general admission ticket so if things stay the same, you can save about five bucks per ticket. Ticket prices went up for every age range.

As of now, there is no word on how much tickets to the 2023 event will cost but even if prices go down, you will still be saving money on the pre-fair admission tickets. Like I said, we all need something to get us through yet another long and brutal winter and this could be just the thing.

What I absolutely can't wait for is the new food items and the Grandstand lineup! We will have to wait a little bit longer for those but now you can get tickets while you wait out the news. The 2023 Minnesota State Fair kicks off on August 24th.

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