Okay so it was more than a test drive, I was able to roll around in the 2018 Ford Expedition for 4 days and it is one nice ride.

For 2018 the Expedition is totally new and you can tell that Ford put a lot of time and thought into this vehicle.  It's spacious and rather large but driving it doesn't feel that way.  It handles incredibly well and even though I didn't tow with it, the 3.5 Ecoboost pulls like a freight train and there is plenty of power there when needed.  It's 10 speed transmission is incredibly smooth and doesn't jump around looking for gears, it always seems to know where it needs to be.  The whole fit and finish of the vehicle is nice too.

While I'm not a guy with a bunch of kids or in need of a vehicle that size, the Expedition is something I would definitely drive daily given the option.  If you are in the market for a SUV make sure you give the 2018 Expedition a test drive and see how well Ford has put together this vehicle.


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