I have run the Grandma's Half Marathon several years and it doesn't get any better.  I still question why the heck I thought I could handle this mentally, physically, emotionally, intestinal(ly).   I try psych myself up, instead I psych myself out by asking myself these questions every year.

  • 1

    It's too damn early!

  • 2

    Should I eat breakfast or not? What should I eat if I do?

  • 3

    I hope this coffee makes me poop soon.

  • 4

    What if I poop myself during the race? I suppose THAT will be noticeable.

  • 5

    OMG! I don't think I trained enough, maybe I shouldn't do this. Is it too late to back out?

  • 6

    Should I put band-aids on my nipples? Nah....

  • 7

    Did I remember to pin my bib on? Wait, did I pin it to the t-shirt I plan to take off and throw in the ditch?

  • 8

    Wonder who I'll sit with on the bus ride up? Should I talk to them or are they mentally preparing?

  • 9

    (thought while ON the bus) Damn! This is a L O N G way up there!

  • 10

    Wonder what kind of food they'll have at the end of the race and will my stomach handle it?

  • 11

    I hope I get a coach bus, instead of a school bus for the ride up to the start.

  • 12

    OMG, we're still driving, maybe they missed the turn off to the start. Geesh, this is WAY up there!

  • 13

    I wonder what theme that guy on the mini-trampoline by Brighton Beach will be dressed as this year.

  • 14

    I wonder if I can stay in front of the SAG bus? (insert a little prayer here)

  • 15

    Thank God, we're finally at the start, dang, that was a long ride!

  • 16

    Oooh, she's got a cute running skort, wonder where she got it.

  • 17

    Wonder if I can get a picture with Grandma Rosa this year?

  • 18

    Wonder if I should shove some toilet paper in my sport bra in case I have to stop and pee in the woods.

  • 19

    OMG, the gun just went off..."Dear baby Jesus, help me get through the next 13.1 miles!"

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