You just can't make this up.  If you're going to court, it's kind of common knowledge to not bring drugs with you or something like this could happen. This woman didn't think that through.  Here's what happened.

Jara Serene Burkhamer was at the Douglas County Courthouse on November 1st.  A police officer (Justin McIntosh) saw a bag fall out of her pocket while she was talking to an attorney.  Another witness also saw it happen.  Burkhamer walked away and the officer picked up the bag that had a brown, powdery substance in it.  She was then arrested and they also found a sock in her pocket with marijuana residue.

She just recently pleaded guilty to the charge and will serve 31 days in jail with 2 years probation.  She will also have to undergo random urinalysis.

I just can't imagine walking into a courthouse with anything illegal on me, much less a bag of meth.


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