It's very rare that the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever shows up in Wisconsin, but tragically that is what killed a Wisconsin woman.  She is the first person in Wisconsin to die from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever contracted in the state.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is a disease that mimics flu like symptoms such as body aches, fever, and headaches. It's usually found in the South and Western United States. This woman who was in her 50s had underlying health issues as well.

Researches from the University of Wisconsin Madison say that it's very rare and uncommon to contract the disease in Wisconsin from a wood tick. The best way to defend yourself against ticks is to use repellent and light colored clothing.  Do a thorough tick check after spending time in the woods or long grass.

In this particular case, the Wisconsin woman was camping, and they have checked the area for other signs of ticks carrying the disease and so far have not found any.

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