Maybe it should be 'Wisconsin Nice' instead, especially after this story! A UPS driver in Wisconsin is being hailed a hero and for very good reason. He has been making headlines as of late after he sprung into action in late January.

We hear stories often about heroic people all over the place and stories of employees going above and beyond for their craft. This is a great example of both and took place in Union Center, Wisconsin.

Several local news outlets covered the story. A 76-year-old woman said she would be dead if it weren't for her UPS driver, who discovered her after she fell into a creek in her backyard. She was unable to get up and sat there for nearly an hour wet and cold.

According to WPSD, the UPS driver heard some cries for help and went to find where they were coming from. It is there that he found the woman, named Mariann Rott, and scooped her up out of the ice and snow.

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Things only got more heroic from there, as he took her to her home and wrapped her in blankets so she could warm up. He then waited with her until help arrived. Rott's husband was home but did not know that she was trapped in the backyard.

By the way, the UPS driver's name is Patrick Shore. He has worked for UPS for forty years and counting and is an absolute hero! He could have easily wrote this all off as just a random noise and drove away but he sprung into action instead.

A few years ago, a UPS driver made headlines for a very different reason. A squirrel happened to hop on a UPS driver that was making a delivery. I would have freaked out but he was chill as they come, making him a hero for a different reason. Ha!

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