More and more people are ordering items online, especially during the pandemic so how can you protect your packages from getting stolen? Data from 2018 shows that 31% of Americans have reported packages being stolen from their property and Minnespolai actually came in 3rd in the country with most Amazon packages stolen from peopels homes. This is a distrubing statistic and I would guess that with online ordering even more popular in in 2021 that number has increased.

The Duluth Police Department wants to remind citizens not to leave items and packaged in their vehicles as thieves prowling cars will not think twice about breaking into your vehicle and stealing packages that way as well.

Robin Roeser who is a Lieutenant with the  Duluth Police Department, said to FOX21:

The simplest thing is to just try amongst the folks in your home maybe you have kids that are also ordering, just make sure you’re communicating with everyone in your house as far as when packages are coming, especially high value packages, just make sure someone’s there.

Officer Roesser also went on to say maybe ask a neighbor for help or buy a storage locker for your packages to be deposited in when they are delivered. For myself If I have something valuable being delivered I have sent to the radio station, that way I know it will be secure.

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According to only 11% of package thieves are ever caught, and the average value of am item that is stolen is around $140.  Here are some more tips they sugest to keep your items safe from these thieves.

Sign up for tracking notifications:

The US Postal Service (USPS), FedEx, and UPS all offer services that enable you to track your package all the way up to when it was delivered to your door. Amazon also offers this service when the packages are delivered by their drivers.

Use internet-enabled security cameras:

Have a home security system in a highly visoble area may be all you need to deter someone from entering your property in the first place. Today their are many options to choose from like the popular doorbell camera systems as well.

Sign up to allow Amazon to place packages inside your home or garage: 

A service that they offer in some areas is called the Amazon Key which allows the driver to place the items directly in your home or garage.

Purchase additional package protection :

This is generally encouraged for more expensive items that are being shipped.

Keep your property well lit:

Since some thieves wait until dark to steal packages having a well lit driveway and entryway may be enough of a detterent to make then stay away.

Of course nothing is 100% guranteed when you have packages delivered to your home. Ee have all seen videos of some pretty brazen thiefs who grab packages in broad daylight, even knowing they are on video. But, with the popularity of ordering items online it is better to be safe than sorry.

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