Squirrel Jumps On UPS Driver During Delivery, & He's So Chill
While making a delivery, this UPS driver got a surprise when this squirrel jumped on him as he waited at the door. The way he handled it was very cool, and this is a guy that we could learn a lot from. While many of our first reactions would be to swat it away, this guy actually had it make his day.…
Avoid Holiday Stress Pick The Right Gift And Ship Early
It's starting.  We were at the Mall of America this past weekend and it took us half an hour to find a parking spot.  We waited in line to eat, make a purchase, pee and even to use the escalator.  We weren't doing any holiday shopping yet, but those that were are smart.  As long as they get the gift…
Don't Be Mad at UPS
You have every right to be upset that your shipments may have come late after Christmas.  But let's not get ridiculous here.  This is really kind of a 1st world problem, isn't it?