You make an online order and you get a tracking number.  Great!  I can see where my shipment is.  How could this be a bad thing?   Let me go into detail.

First off, this is kind of a two-part situation.  The company I made my online purchase with had an order status link.  So I could click on the order status and see where it was in the process of PREPARING to ship.  I checked that order status multiple times a day for a week.  Each time it said processing.  Then, one day it finally said READY FOR SHIPPING.   I cried tears of joy.  My package was about to be shipped.

Two more days went by.  No updates.   Still ready for shipping.   I started to give up hope on tracking the package.  Maybe it would never arrive.  Maybe this has all been a dream and I really did order it.  Maybe this is a scam?  They just took my money and sent me some fake status updates?  Oh my GOD what have I done?  What a waste of --

E-mail ALERT:  Package has been picked up by UPS.  Here is your tracking number.  XYZS@(!&$)(*!@@*#%&^)32874123792652-345

I copy and paste the tracking number into the UPS website.  Tracking cannot be found! What the heck.

I try again later that day, and it's departed destination.  I check back every few hours and I'm disappointed when it hasn't arrived.

Finally it's within 120 miles of me, and there it sits, for 16 hours.

Then out of nowhere it's out for delivery!  Yeah!  Now I just wait for the truck to come. Everytime I hear a car drive by my ears perk up and I look out the door until it finally comes.

You have to wonder, would it just have been better if I had no clue when it would arrive? I certainly would have had more free time.

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