Identity theft is always in the back of your mind.  Every time you're asked to give personal information whether it's at the bank, the grocery store, or to sign up for perks at your favorite coffeehouse.  The WI Department of Revenue is on it!  Taking extra steps this tax season to ensure you're protected.  If you file in WI, this is important information to have.

The Wisconsin tax processing began this past Monday, January 13. The Internal Revenue Service will begin filing season at the end of the month on Friday, January 31.  Protection is important to everyone and the Identity Verification that's offered  is an extra guard against fraudsters.

"Identity theft and refund fraud are two of the top cybercrimes," said DOR Secretary Richard Chandler. "It is extremely important to us to assure that your identifying information is not used by someone else to commit fraud and steal your tax refund."

This new  tool will require some tax return filers to take the Identity Verification quiz. If you are selected, you will receive a letter outlining everything you need in order to take the quiz. Identity Verification consists of four multiple choice questions with answers that will help verify it is you that filed the return.

Identity Verification can be taken over the phone or online. In some cases, taxpayers will be asked to send in documentation to help us verify their identity. Taxpayers will have two opportunities to pass the quiz. If they fail both times, they will be asked to send in information verifying their identity.

Taxpayers who are unable to take the quiz online or by phone can call our customer service representatives who will help.





"DOR is focused on preventing identity theft and protecting taxpayers. Identity Verification is just one more tool we're using to serve you," stated Chandler.


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