What Happens If You Didn't File Your Taxes On The Deadline
There are people that put things off all the time. Sometimes, you can't file on time for some circumstance. What if you don't file by the deadline? The Government will send over a guy who will break your legs, right? No, you would be surprised how long you have, if you don't have to p…
WI Residents Could Be Eligible For FREE Tax Preparation
Tax season, sigh, it's here.  Time to dig through my files wondering yet again why I didn't take the time to organize it while I was filing it.  It's a guessing game as to what information they want and can I find it!  If you live in Wisconsin and are feeling lost with the tax process there are peop…
Duluth Police Department Warns Of IRS Scam
The Duluth Police Department has recently received several phone calls and messages on their Facebook page in regards to what they are calling an IRS scam.  They expect these type of annoying calls to increase as we near the tax deadline.  Here's what you need to know.

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