It has been an interesting month so far and that's an understatement. We have seen snow, rain and everything in between.

This isn't a huge shock (this is the Northland, after all) but will it continue for the rest of the month? To find that answer, I turned to the Old Farmer's Almanac.

The Old Farmer's Almanac does things a little differently. They make long-term weather predictions by region. While some believe in their methods and others do not, you can't deny that it's fun to see if what they predict comes true in the end.

From the beginning of May through May 8th, we will see rainy periods and cool conditions.

From May 9th through the 13th, sunshine will return and temperatures will slowly rebound, gradually getting warmer.

May 14th through the 20th will bring sunshine and rain. We will start off seeing thunderstorms before conditions take a turn for the sunny and cool.

Showers return around May 21st through the 26th. Temperatures will be cool.

On May 27th through the 31st, we can expect scattered thunderstorm activity but the good news is warmer temperatures will return.

In terms of temperature, we will fall a few degrees below our average, hitting about 53 degrees.

We will be above average when it comes to precipitation, expecting about 4 inches total throughout the Month.

The Old Farmer's Almanac was pretty dead on in April so my money is on them once again this month! Only time will tell.

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