Once upon a time I received flowers as a gift from a significant other.  While the roommates I had then gave me hell about it, I thought it was a nice gesture.  Yeah, I like motorcycles, loud muscle cars, cigars, and whiskey, but can't a guy appreciate flowers too?  I mean, I'm not a total ignorant mouth breather.  I personally only know of maybe two or three guys who have received flowers as a "just because" gift.

I will say that I don't generally like it when people buy me things, holidays and birthdays for example, I prefer if the gift is skipped because in the nicest way possible, I buy myself better things.  I buy what I want because I know what I like, if someone wants to give me something, buy me food, or just have flowers delivered, sandwiches work well too and one other unmentionable because I want to keep my job.  I won't scoff at flowers is my point in all of this, I won't be embarrassed, I'll be impressed and thankful.  Plus, it's not like someone buying me clothes, I won't have a chore of returning it to get what I want.

In this day and age anyway, you can't judge me for liking or wanting flowers, if you do, you're a bigot according to the offended by everything internet millennials.

I write this because I received a rose yesterday and to me, it's a meaningful gesture that I won't soon forget.  Maybe because it's a rare gesture to me, a not so common gift for a guy.  I'm also a hang them upside down and dry them out kind of person so they are around a lot longer than a week.  If you're a guy, has anyone bought you flowers?  Ladies, do you ever buy them for your guy?


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