As much as I can I like to support local businesses.  Yeah, a lot of us still shop at big box stores and entities like Amazon for household essentials, but so many local people offer awesome goods and services.

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The Wife and I have a pretty decent art collection, and some of it is original works mixed in with prints and some incredibly unique pieces.  We paid good money for some of it, and most of the expensive stuff came from local people.

Buying artwork and photography from someone in our community generally keeps the money in our area.  A lot of local business owners also try to shop local, so it ends up good for everyone.

As part of The City of Superior's Billings Park Days, a local photographer will have a shop setup selling his photographs.  A majority of these are shots from around the Twin Ports area so they make really nice gifts for out of towners and also great conversation pieces for your walls at home or at work.

Joe Polecheck Photography will be all setup on Saturday, August 6th from 9AM-4PM.  Not only will you find Joe's skilled photographs, there will be plenty of other local vendors on site giving you lots of opportunity to shop local and support your neighbors.

Events like Billings Park Days are always my go-to for gift shopping for the variety and uniqueness of items generally being offered.  Plus, it's a nice excuse to get outside and enjoy the outdoors before the weather becomes less favorable for such things.

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