Originally, I suggested battery operated socks to keep your tootsies toasty while enjoying all that the Lake Superior Ice Festival has to offer, but on Facebook Brad brought up the fact that a warm pair of boots might just do the trick and that got me thinking. 

My boots don't keep my feet that warm that's why I bought the battery operated socks in the first place.  I seriously wish they were still manufacturing Moon Boots, the lining in my Moon Boots from the late 70's was incredible, my feet were always warm.  Anybody remember them or still have a pair?

theragmuseum1 via Ebay
theragmuseum1 via Ebay















What is your suggestion?  A co-worker suggested a brand called Ice King. He said it's all in the lining of the boot as opposed to the boot itself.  I plan on using them to ice fish too, so I'm not going for cute, I'm going for 100% functionable.  I'm sure you hearty Northlanders will steer me in the right direction!

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