Battery operated socks rock!  Honestly there is so much to do the entire weekend at the Lake Superior Ice Festival you'll want to pack extra batteries for your socks.  I'm ALWAYS cold, I even use an electric blanket in July, but I'm not willing to sit out on any of the frozen fun and memories waiting to be made at the Lake Superior Ice Festival so I'm pulling out the long johns, my thermal cuddle duds and battery operated socks.

A couple years ago when I was coaching the Denfeld Cheer Team I was slated to march with them in the Christmas City of the North Parade and the search was on for feet warmers.  I could only find hand warmers, which I thought about using in my boots but didn't because the added bulk for as far as I planned to march would have caused other issues.  Then, I ran across the battery operated socks.  I have done countless outdoor broadcasts and events and froze my toes off, why did I not make that purchase sooner?

The only thing I would bring up is that you need to store them flat (so you don't bend the wires) and make sure the two metal parts that activate the socks aren't touching whenever you leave the battery in because that will draw the power and your sock will be stored on and your battery will be dead when you need it.

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