Don't tell me it's the change of the seasons from summer fruit to fall fruit.  It doesn't matter what kind of fruit we've purchased lately or even from where, it spoils too fast and doesn't even taste right.  I actually asked Homie if our refrigerator is set at the wrong temperature.  Have you experienced this?


We had purchased bananas in the grocery portion of a big department store and the very next day they had greyed in color and it looked like they had maybe experienced being frozen at some point.  We were in disbelief because it's been so hot and while it was only a couple of bucks it was the principal of the thing, so we returned them.

We then tried a grocery store bunch, again the same thing happened.  We thought for sure we had this licked when we bought ORGANIC bananas from the grocery store, but nope same grey discoloration!  What the heck?

I had also noticed that my strawberries and raspberries were getting more expensive, looking less appealing and getting overripe WAY TO FAST in our fridge.  As I was standing in front of them at the store with another gal next to me we started chatting about the sketchy quality of fruit nowadays.  She also was experiencing fruit that was going bad almost immediately in her household.  Even the organic fruit, which I had found usually had longer life than non-organic.  It is killing me to pay $3-$4 or a small container of raspberries or strawberries only to have it go bad a day after being properly refrigerated .

A friend told me it appeared that the bananas may be being keep in a cooler that was TOO cold, which makes sense because when we experience those -30 below days in the winter my bananas have looked the same.  So, what gives?  Are you having the same problem as I am?

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