There's something special that you show off in your house. You've always wondered if it is worth getting looked at.

Here is your chance to ask questions and get answers and maybe find out you have something that is worth something.

Bring it into the St. Louis County Heritage & Arts Center (The Depot) for a free appraisal on Wednesday, September 18, 2019. Denny Mager of Northern Specialty is an expert at antiques, especially home antiques and will be looking at things from noon until 3 PM in the rotunda. He might even fill in the story on how your thing came to be, or the history behind it.

You are asked to arrive before 2:30 PM to register in person.

You may bring up to two items per person and may get an evaluation of each antique. If it is a large piece, bring a photo and the experts will do their best.

Past participants have thoroughly enjoyed the appraiser’s comments on what is always an interesting assortment of antiques and collectibles. ARCO coffee is available while you wait.

Call (218) 733-7568 for further information. Good luck!!

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