I was very fortunate to be able to go back stage and meet a few of the artists at UWS last night (Saturday April 28th) but laughed when this happened.

Olympic Gold Medalist John Shuster was at the concert and was taking pictures with people with his Gold Medal. I've know John for years and so When I finally saw he was there and was able to talk, I offered him my other backstage pass to come back and meet Canaan Smith. He accepted and then asked if he could give it to a friend's daughter who was a fan. I said of course and wondered how he was going to get back or if he wasn't interested.

John told me that the security told him he could go back anyway and so we were going to take his friend. We waited in line and were the last two in line and waited our turn, but that's when Canaan figured out who John Was. He stopped the meet and greet and immediately walked over to John and shook his hand and started talking to him.

Then started asking questions about the Gold Medal. That's when John whipped it out and let him hold it. Canaan asked if he could get a pic of he and John holding the medal and John told him to put it on. Canaan starting whooping and howling with happiness. I was able to catch the whole thing in pictures.

Cudos to Canaan Smith. He felt bad that i waited all that time and wanted to make sure I got a picture with him. Even though his manager said he had to go, he graciously took a picture with me.

What a night!!!

chris allen
chris allen

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